I am a portrait photographer. I don't approach a shoot with any preconceived ideas or concepts. I don't use my subjects as props. I photograph them as they are, as they present themselves to the camera.

I improvise, offer suggestions, nudge them, push them along and guide them to wherever they want to go.

This all comes from them.

I set up a situation and work with what they give me. I will always add a twist or two. A distraction that takes their mind off of the camera for a few seconds. It's, life between the clicks.

As for my style, I've always tried to push the boundaries a bit and come up with something different. I keep the set raw, minimal and secondary to the subject at hand. I do exhibit and publish my work.

I must end this by saying, there are always exceptions! Please ask!

I 'm a left handed, ambidextrous, dyslexic, artist and I wear it proudly!